Fiscal Sponsorship

As a part of our community development services program, SDC-CDS assists in annual events, such as the Yuletide Ball, Buckwheat Awards Ceremony and Home Brewer’s Festival by procuring and purchasing special event liquor permits, purchasing beer/wine, and managing liquor sales at the event. This is possible per our 501(c)(3) non-profit status, which allows us to obtain 5 special event liquor permits each year per Alaska State liquor regulations.  Furthermore SDC-CDS provides fiscal sponsorship for various community organizations, acting as an administrative outlet managing  funds from donors and fundraising events.

Community organizations currently fiscally sponsored by SDC-CDS:
Duff’s Skagway Marathon

The Skagway Marathon is hosted by Duff’s Backcountry Outfitters.  This annual event takes place in June and is quickly becoming a popular marathon nation-wide.  SDC-CDS holds and manages funds for the Skagway Marathon Club. Learn More about the event at:

Garden City Market

The Garden City Market is a community organization which hosts a “farmers market” event for local crafters, artists, growers, cooks and entertainers .  The Market takes place every other Saturday during the summer months and showcases many of Skagway’s artisianal talents with such items as handmade candles, soaps, skin care products, jewelry, clothing, paintings, culinary treats, fresh veggies and much, much more. SDC-CDS holds and manages funds for the Garden City Market.

Yuletide Committee

The month of December is a very festive time in Skagway, know as Yuletide.  Yuletide consists of many fun events put on by the Yuletide Committee, such as home holiday teas, wreath making classes, community ski/ice skating days, business open houses, Christmas tree lighting, caroling, the Santa Train, and Craft Bazaar to name a few.  SDC-CDS holds and manages funds for the  Yuletide Committee.

Skagway FC

Skagway FC is an educational organization whose mission is to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.  Skagway FC puts on an Adult League every summer, as well as a children’s league. SDC-CDS holds and manages funds for Skagway FC.

North Words Writers Symposium

The North Words Writers Symposium hosts a 4-day writing symposium at the end of May each year in Skagway.  With a different keynote speaker each year, this event draws 50 participants and 8 established writers/faculty.  SDC-CDS holds and manages funds for the North Words Writers Symposium. Learn More about the event at:

Past community groups fiscally sponsored by SDC-CDS.
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Fund

This international organization  provides free books to children ages 0-5.  Fundraisers in Skagway take place to support this program and the children within the community.

Reverend Neil Down Fund

The Reverend Neil Down Fund was started to assist with large medical bills for a member of the community.

Skagway Home Brewers Club

The Skagway Home Brewers Club, in coordination with the Skagway Recreation Center and SDC-CDS, puts on the annual Skagway Craft Brew Festival the last Saturday of every April.  Starting out as a small community event for home brewers to share and showcase their winter’s creations, this event has grown to be a popular event with locals and our Canadian neighbors, selling out of all 400 tickets in 2014.

Skagway Garden Club

In July of 2013 this organization hosted the Southeast Alaska Garden Conference.

Heart Beat Fund

The Heart Beat Fund has an amazing story.  In order to raise money for the Dahl Memorial Clinic in Skagway, community member Buckwheat Donahue pledged to walk and paddle from Florida to Alaska.

Have-A-Heart Foundation

A local community organization that periodically has fundraisers. CDS-CDS assisted the Have-a-Heart Foundation with funds management for a specific fundraiser.

Junior Achievement

For a period of time SDC-CDS was partnering with the Skagway School to bring the curriculum of this national organization to the students.  There are hopes that it will again be brought back to the Skagway School.

Sustainable Skagway

This now defunct community organization set out to discuss and take action on ways to improve the community and help make it more sustainable.

Rifle Range

SDC-CDS requested and managed funds from a National Rifle Association Grant, which was used for the Municipality of Skagway to construct a new, safe Rifle Range for the community.

Marshall Islands Project

Previously, two high-school students from the Skagway School were invited to the Marshall Islands to perform their Drama, Debate and Forensics piece, “For the Good of Mankind.” Fundraisers were held for the students to travel to the Marshall Islands.

Skagway Ski Club

This now defunct community organization raised money to help provide local families incentive to get outdoors in the winter and enjoy our big backyard.  Funds raised were used for such things as trail grooming equipment and scholarships for children in need to lease ski equipment.

Annual Events assisted by SDC-CDS:
Yuletide Ball

The Yuletide Ball is an annual event held at the Skagway Recreation Center, put on by the Yuletide Committee and SDC-CDS.   This community event has a different theme each year, urging attendees to dress up in costume while they enjoy dinner and entertainment.

Buckwheat Ski Classic Awards Ceremony & Dinner

The Buckwheat Ski Classic is an international cross-country ski race held at the Log Cabin Ski Trails in British Columbia, Canada. This event was started by Buckwheat Donahue in 1987 and continues to be held annually on the last Saturday of March.  Following the race, SDC-CDS assists in the hosting of the awards ceremony, dinner and celebration held at the Skagway Recreation Center.

Community Organizations Endorsed by SDC-CDS:
Skagway Marketplace

Skagway Marketplace is a Facebook Group intended to act as an online store for local artisans to sell/trade their goods. This group features local businesses, promoting shopping locally, and thereby helping to encourage investment in the local economy.  SDC-CDS has endorsed the Skagway Marketplace, supporting and applauding them for their work, as we feel it is directly in line with our Mission.