Community Development Services

SDC- Community Development Services is a seperate 501 (c) (3) non-profit that functions under the direction of the Skagway Development Corporation Board and Executive Director.  Through SDC-CDS, SDC is able to better support the growth and well-being of the Community of Skagway in a number of ways such as: Fiscal Sponsorship for developing local non-profits and events, increased funding avenues for the services of SDC and SDC-CDS, and actionable support for local community projects and events. If you are a local non-profit or have a community project and are seeking support, see how SDC- Community Development Services can help you!

  β€œTo implement a process designed to encourage community development, community services, and to increase the quality of life in Skagway, Alaska.”

-SDC-CDS Mission Statement

SDC-CDS COVID Response Utility Assistance Program

SDC-CDS has established the COVID Response Utility Assistance Program as a temporary emergency service for the households of Skagway. This program aims to provide an emergency service to Skagway households that are struggling to cover basic living expenses due to the lack of employment and annual income caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID Response Utility Assistance program will cover some, if not all, of an applicant’s basic utility costs, limited to heat, electricity, water and sewer, during the months of January, February and March of 2021. Applicant eligibility is based off of the State of Alaska’s Heating Assistance program. Eligible households will have to apply for assistance at the end of each month.