Business Resource Centre

What is the Skagway Business Resource Center?

The center is part of SDC’s mission to retain and enhance the existing economic base of Skagway while providing assistance to and support for efforts to expand and diversify the economy. To accomplish this, the SDC Board has prioritized that the general concept of “Enterprise Facilitation” be the vehicle for this work. The concept utilizes the entrepreneurial capital that already exists in a community to create new businesses, while continuing to enhance the existing economic base.

This concept differs to the traditional economic development models used in Skagway, in that it does not require money to be spent on expensive marketing programs and infrastructure development in order to attract new businesses. This does not mean that recruitment will not be used by SDC as a vehicle for economic development but that the priority will be to provide an environment where entrepreneurs in the community will have the resources they need to be successful. Success depends on being able to tap into the entrepreneurial knowledge base in the community and the ability for some entity to facilitate this.

The SBRC aims to make available services, products and resources to the business community to enhance their business experience. Skagway has long lacked an educational resource for business owners and those wanting to start a business of their own. Over time we will be developing the resources at the center to give full coverage of:

  • small business principles;
  • basic accounting techniques;
  • management training;
  • legal and tax assistance;
  • networking opportunities;
  • assistance in team building necessary for business success.

The aim is to also provide the equipment and software helpful in running a business that may not be affordable to you at present. Our equipment includes: computers, printers, copiers, Fax and phone, scanner, accounting and business plan software. In the near future we hope to be providing meeting facilities with video/teleconference capabilities.

Did You Know?
A study by Dun & Bradstreet showed that 90% of small business failures are due to a lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner. The study also found that 90% of small businesses that were still in business 5 years had pursued help from small business assistance professionals such as Small Business Development Centers.

Who is the Center For?

The SBRC is open to everyone who is interested in business and especially those doing business in Skagway, Alaska. Existing business owners and start-ups will find us helpful in enhancing your business experience.

The materials, equipment, workshops and services provided by the Skagway BRC will be helpful to:

  • Start-up businesses;
  • Existing businesses;
  • New owners of existing businesses;
  • Businesses that are at risk of failure;
  • Out of town businesses wanting a Skagway presence and an understanding of what it takes to conduct business in Skagway;
  •  Anyone wanting to learn more about starting or buying a business.

Products and Services

The following services will be available to help you enhance your business experience:

  • Individualized mentoring for entrepreneurs and business owners;
  • Evaluation of your business idea and/or plan;
  • Assistance writing business plans, policies and procedures;
  • Resources, referrals and/or assistance with financial planning and marketing;
  • Assistance building your team, (accountant, bookkeeper, attorney, banker, etc.);
  • Assistance and/or referrals for obtaining funding for new business or expansion;
  • Assessment of management capabilities, growth potential and business efficiency;
  • Education on employee recruitment, motivation and development;
  • Assistance on “avoiding pitfalls”.