Active Surveys

In order to create and/ or update reports on the Skagway economy and community, the Skagway Development Corporation issues surveys throughout the year as a way to collect the data needed for these reports. This page provides either a link to an online survey or to a digital, fillable form that can be emailed to SDC. We also use this platform for online registration of SDC events. If you are a Skagway resident or business owner please take a moment to review and complete available surveys and/or registration forms from the links below that may pertain to you. Thank you

2018 Skagway Rent Price Survey

The Skagway Development Corporation is conducting research on the commercial and residential rent rate situation in Skagway from rental property owners in order to update a 2007 Rental Information report.

2018 Skagway Business Environment Survey

This is the digital fillable version of the form sent to business owners early in December with the Borough’s business license renewal form. The purpose of this form is to get input from local business owners of what they find to be the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the economy of Skagway as part of SDC’s efforts to develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. This form is to be completed from a business owner stand point. For community members and community leaders, please complete the 2018 SWOT analysis for the Economy of Skagway. Thank you!

2018 SWOT Analysis for the Economy of Skagway (Link will Open January 7, 2019)

This form will be made available January 7, 2019. There will also be a series of community meetings to discuss issues and to allow community participation in public planning processes.

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Information from any survey from the Skagway Development Corporation will be utilized by the Skagway Development Corporation to aid in the economic and community development efforts of the entity.  Individual information and responses from participants will be kept confidential.  Any reports published which contain data from these surveys will not contain business specific information. For any questions or comments, please contact SDC at or 907-983-3414. Thank you for your participation!