Location, Location, Location

Skagway is strategically located 90 miles northwest of Juneau (Alaska’s capital city) at the northern terminus of the Inside Passage, and at the start of the Klondike Highway. Skagway lies 110 road miles south of Whitehorse, and 14 miles south of the Canadian border. This inter-modal transshipment hub provides a vital link between marine and highway transport into and out of the Yukon and Northwest Arctic regions.

The port and highway offer year round connections and is the most cost-effective shipping route north and south. The Port of Skagway provides a two day shipping advantage between the Yukon’s rich resource reserves and Pacific Rim and south Asian markets. The Port also offers the opportunity to transship chilled fish, sea food, and other value-added products to Europe via Whitehorse International Airport.

Skagway has been and continues to be an important transportation center in northern Southeast Alaska. This is due to its strategic location, its popularity as a tourist destination, and its value as a transshipment terminal for mineral ore, timber, and other goods to and from the Yukon Territory. Skagway’s economy, population growth, and community development are closely tied to the movement of people and goods to and through its port.

Skagway’s thriving seasonal tourist economy allows plenty of room for year round expansion and offers a diverse range of opportunities. This site will assist you in determining that the business climate in Skagway is prime for ventures that are not only locally focused but also for those with wider regional and international scope.

What Does SDC Do?

The Skagway Development Corporation serves the business community of Skagway as an advisory, administrative, and technical resource for the purpose of creating ideas and developing initiatives that allow the year-round economy of Skagway to grow and develop into a sustainable process that creates wealth for the community at large.

Revitalize, Expand & Diversify

This is accomplished by utilizing a multi-pronged approach to economic and community development. This approach allows the Board and staff a wide range of tools to use and allows for greater success. These prongs include: marketing the community, its facilities, and assets; providing the business community with resources to locate funding; encouraging the development of the local entrepreneurial capital; actively recruiting firms interested in relocation; advocating on behalf of the business community and its individual members; creating an environment which cultivates and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit; and providing the technical assistance that the business community requires to enhance and expand the existing business base.

How Can SDC Help You?

SDC has become an effective economic planning and development organization. SDC is known as the organization (in Skagway) to seek out when need assistance with starting a new business, expanding an existing business, writing a business plan, exploring alternative financing options, site selection, developing marketing strategies and with grant writing proposals.

SDC’s Mission Statement:
“To serve the community of Skagway as an advisory, administrative and technical source, by supporting business enterprise and community well being through connecting people, ideas and resources”.